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It is with the paramount delight and gratefulness that I express my deepest thanks and heartfelt appreciation to the strenuous effort undertaken so far to launch the Office of the Road Fund's Website installed for the very purpose of conveying vital information dealing with the multi-faceted thematic issues that our office is institutionally mandated to responsibly and competently wrestle with. Read more...

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New Year Wish by Mr. Rashid Mohamed

Ethiopian New Year Wish by Mr. Rashid Mohamed, Director general of Office of Road Fund, Ethiopia

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Road Construction, Maintenance Machinery Worth $600mln Dispatched To Regions

Addis Ababa, June 6,2021 (FBC) – The Federal Road Fund Office has today dispatched 21 road construction and maintenance machinery purchased with more than 600 Million USD to regional sta

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Documentary on Ethiopian Transport Investment Summit

Documentary on Ethiopian Transport Investment Summit

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Services Services

The issues included in the list of the services provided by the Office of Road Fund were addressed to the stakeholders of the Office's stakeholders and as well as to the main focus areas are: 
1. Collecting fundraising and funding.
2. Financing of road maintenance and road safety measure work. 
3. Organize and distribute information on the financial management of the Fund. 
4. Review feedback from consulting agencies and provide feedback.
5. Review the performance reports and monitor the use of financial support for the intended purpose of the Fund.
6. Supporting capacity building of customers by providing insights on the issues related to the fund management. 
7. Managing the financial statements of the Fund and its regular budget and preparing financial statements.

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